Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I received my new white desk a couple of days ago and I must say, I love it! This is supposed to go in the loft area...however, being the indesisive person that I am, I decided to go with another choice. Not a big surprise for those who know me.

Here are some pictures of the Parsons "imitation" find:
If you'd like to order it, please click here. I promise you, this is the best $170 you will spend on a desk. This baby is solid!

Since then, I decided to go with the Hudson Console Table instead of the desk to put up in this space. Not because I don't love this desk, but because it actually clashed with a vintage chair I recently bought from Craigslist (will post pics soon). See picture below for the console table that stole my heart! I highly recommend this table, it's definetely worth it's full price of $129, but this week it's on sale for only $99! Start your engines and go pick up this great piece at your local Target store... Vroom! Vroom!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I'm back with another great find! I have been looking for an oversized leaning mirror for our bedroom, which is a work is progress...basically, our bedroom is a cream colored box with a fabulous bed! To say the least, the bedroom is so huge, we need a statement piece to fill up the space between two windows. So, I have been looking for this particular mirror for quite some time and I have found one that I am trying to decide on. This is a great price for an oversized leaning mirror!
Here is my choice...

Ikea has this beautiful full length mirror for 99 buckaroos, which by the way, can be hung horizontally if you don't want to lean it against the wall. I have seen it displayed at the Ikea store and it is as beautiful as the other $500 mirrors I have seen elsewhere...

Could it be true?

So, I was recently searching for the best deal on a Parsons Desk for our upstairs study. Well, I looked and I looked and couldn't find one under $299. Which is what I was willing to pay, but as a true bargain shopper, there had to be something more! And there was, I found an imitation Parsons desk for $169!!!! That is a whole $130 less...

Here is the real Parsons desk from West Elm:

Ok, brace is the imitation (Student White Desk - :I found this awesome deal at and with $1 shipping, you just can't beat that!