Friday, April 10, 2009

Go "Green"!

We have added some green to our home!

Meet our new plants:

This one is my personal favorite! I have been wanting to get an orchid for the longest time, but had not gotten around to it. I love the color! We picked this one up at Ikea for 13 bucks. Not bad, eh? My beloved orchid is in the kitchen overlooking the living room.

We already had this plant, but had to re-pot it because it was growing out of its old home. Funny story about this plant is that we got it for a co-worker that had surgery...she was "let go" shortly after and left this precious plant behind. I didn't waste any time and scooped it right up. Now, it's sitting pretty in our living room.

I love this plant, not only because it is very easy to take care of, but because it was my first plant ever. Now our guests have something pretty to look at before they go to sleep.

One of our new plants is a fern we picked up from Home Depot...trying to decide where to put it. For now it is in the Master Bedroom...(to be continued)

Lastly, another addition to our family is this succulant, which is curretly on my desk. I love looking at it in the morning while I check my email.

All in all, this project cost us about 75 dollars, and considering that cuts the cost of buying flowers at the store, I think we did good.